This is The Albion Roar...

RoarThe Albion Roar is an hour-long independent football radio show, run by and for fans of Brighton & Hove Albion, and broadcast every Saturday at 12pm on Radio Reverb 97.2FM - Community Radio for Brighton & Hove.

The Roar has been on air since 2005, when Brighton fans Richie Parker and Jonny Harman, together with Murray Hall and Paula Woolven, approached the then-embryonic Radio Reverb to host a weekly Albion-related show - independent of the club. Richie and Jonny took turns to swap roles as presenter and regular guest.

Alan Wares joined the show in 2008, initially as a semi-regular guest, then eventually with the added role of producer - altering the format very slightly by inviting directors, ex-players, other fans and anyone else associated with the Albion on as guests. Ady Packham joined a year later, and shared the presenting chores with Richie and Jonny.

Richie left the show in 2010, and Jonny in 2012, leaving Ady with the sole responsibility of presenting The Albion Roar, with Al as studio regular.

Guests on the show over the years have included over a dozen former players from various periods of the Albion's history including Peter Ward, Gary Chivers and Gary Hart, plus chairmen Dick Knight and Tony Bloom, and board members Derek Chapman, Martin Perry and Paul Barber - and many more besides. MPs, journalists, campaigners and fans have all made appearances on the show, ready to give their opinion on the hot topic of the day.

Now over 400 shows old, with Ady in the hotseat forĀ  over 150 of them, The Albion Roar is listened to by thousands of Brighton fans right across the world.